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Company Ethos

From my experience as a Spa Manager / International Skin Care Trainer & my knowledge of setting up worldwide distribution companies, I was able to transfer these skills on Super Yachts. In 2014 I joined the yachting industry to continue my passion. During my time as a seafarer, I held roles as a Spa Manager, a New Build Spa Manager and carried out Spa Consultancy Projects. Going forward I now share my knowledge & skills supplying spa products, luxury brands and providing spa consultancy. 

From working on a range of different size yachts from 50m - 136m, it was also visible that recycling was not something that yachts could always control and the consumption of one time plastic was very extensive. I also found that provisioning in different countries also produced complications with brands/products not being easily accessible.

I felt that even small changes on yachts could make a big difference, however sourcing substitute brands/products was also proving to be difficult. This idea turned into Blue Ocean Yacht Supplies, to encourage yachts to remove single use plastic products and choose eco friendly alternatives.

How we contribute to marine pollution:

  • Did you know every time you wash up with a regular sponge you contribute to micro-plastics in the ocean, this leads to fish engulfing plastic, even if they do survive it goes up the food chain

  • Single use plastics are found deep in our oceans killing marine mammals, turtles and birds

  • A plastic toothbrush can take over 400 years to decompose 

  • Chemicals in sunscreen can kill coral reef. The coral absorbs chemicals that can disrupt the growth cycle causing bleaching

What simple changes can I make?

  • Refill bottles consume less plastic, saves money long term and improves storage

  • Switch regular sponges to eco-friendly sponges, sponge cloths and scourers 

  • Purchase biodegradable/degradable products when possible 

  • Use natural derived ingredients to reduce chemicals in the ocean 

  • Switch to an organic / reef safe sunscreen 

  • Switch plastic toothbrushes to bamboo toothbrushes

Check out our Eco Catalogue for inspiration to Eco alternatives.

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